Monday, November 29, 2010

Can't create index output file in texnic center

I was beating my day because the index was not being printed on the report.
Later, after a good number of search(es),  I found that this is interesting feature of MikTex 2.9

The problem was solved by changing %bm to %tm in the MakeIndex option.

Here is what I did:
Go to build > Define Output Profiles (Alt+F7)
Change %bm to %tm in the MakeIndex option.
Probably same thing needs to happen with Bibtex (if problem persists).

I am really glad that you are finding it useful. Happy Texing!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entropy Plot for a fair coin toss

Entropy Plot for a fair coin toss

(Yes png as pdflatex does not take eps or pdf format.)

clear all
close all
p = 0.0:0.0001:1
entropy = -(p.*log2(p))-((1-p).*log2(1-p)); % in bits try logp to see in nats
h = plot(p,entropy);
axis tight;
mypretty(h,'Probability','Entropy (bits)','Entropy versus probability for a coin toss')
set(gca, 'LooseInset', [0,0,0,0]);
saveas(h, 'entropy_parabola.png')

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Matlab codes in Latex

Use the package (mcode.sty) from:
in the "header"

Here is what I did:

This creates a box, pushes everything inside the box (ugly though) and forces next item to new page
\lstinputlisting[label=lst:run_main,breaklines=true, caption={\mcode{run_main.m}}]{G:/academy/random-s-circle/jan14-refine/run_main.m}

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing with saved figure to decorate

playing with the saved figure

% uiopen('intensity_compared5MoG.fig',1)
handle = set(gca);
axis([29 71 29 71])
line([29 71], [50 50],'LineWidth',1,'Color','yellow')
line([50 50],[29 71],'LineWidth',1,'Color','yellow')
handle = gcf;
% dummy = mypretty(handle,'Position of the center of the sensor (cm)','Intensity (LEGO Units)',... 'Intensity measurement compared for 5 MoG')
% hh = legend('prediction1','prediction2','prediction3','prediction4','data1','data2','data3','data4',2);
% dummy = set(gca,'LineWidth',2,'MarkerSize',8)

cd 'ssf-figures'
% saveas('')
% filename = 'intensity_compared5MoG'
filename = 'SSF_5MOG_zoomed'

% pause
% close
% cd 'ssf-run-home'