Thursday, November 13, 2014

Byobu shortcuts for screen/ssh

Byobu is a lifesaver for multiple jobs to be done on the command line via ssh client.
Currently I am using it in putty.
You can create, close and detach... and come right back to the place you left off!

Here are some of the handy commands

Start with byobu

Ctrl-a, c: create a new window
F8: rename
Ctrl-a C-a - Go back to the previous window

Ctrl-a <0-9> - Switch to screen # 0-9.
If you want to go to screen # 10,
Ctrl-a ' - Enter a screen number to switch to two digit number

Ctrl-a " - View a list of the current screens, which will allow you to select one from the list

Ctrl-a d - Detach the whole screen session and fork to the background. Very useful for remote sessions you want to leave open. The command "screen -r" will resume your screen session.

Ctrl-a, k: kill the screen. Usually detach is good; but sometimes you need to kill the screen/process.

If you hit F9, you can set options to start with byobu screen.

Ctrl-a, n or p does next and p