Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Installing Spell Checker in TeXworks (Mac)

Installing spell checker in TeXworks is going to be straightforward after I write this note.
The dicttionary for TeXworks is located at:
where gajab is your username.

One easy source of dictionaries is the project, which uses the same spelling engine. There is a list of available dictionaries at (see the All Language Packs download, or links to individual language dictionaries). Note that TeXworks only uses the spelling dictionaries (*.dic and *.aff) for each language ...

  • So I downloaded the dictionary file from
    It is located currently at:
  • However, the file is saved as .oxt.  I simply renamed the package as a zip file
    en_US.oxt >>
    and unzipped the package (well, double click and rename along with the extension. It warns, but you can change the extension). It worked!!
    The package contains:
    META-INF description.xml en_US.aff info
    README_en_US.txt dictionaries.xcu en_US.dic
  • WE only need .dic and .aff files. So I copied it to the library folder for the TeXworks.

cp ~/Downloads/en_US/en_US.aff /Users/gajab/Library/TeXworks/dictionaries
cp ~/Downloads/en_US/en_US.dic /Users/gajab/Library/TeXworks/dictionaries

The dictionary worked nicely after I restarted the TeXworks.

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