Friday, August 22, 2008

How to delete ASV files: autosave files in MATLAB

I used to have a lot of asv files by the end of the day. While they can efficiently save your work as a back up, having them all over is a pain.
So, I had to manually delete them. One by one. That is another pain.
I came across the fact that they can automatically be deleted.
See figure:
Go to File menu>Prefererences>select autosave and select "Automatically delete auto save files.
Apply and OK.

nice! no more junks!

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─░smail said...

Maybe, instead of cleaning them by hand, you can use this:

N K M said...

@ ismail: Thanks for the note.

Alex Mathew said...

just do delete*.asv

N K M said...

Thats handy!
I thought it would be great if matlab itself just deletes it after we are done!